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John Wheeler Tucker

Hi! My name is John W. Tucker. You can call me John. I live in Colorado Springs with my family. We have a dog named Charlotte, and one cat: Lotus.

This is my first published book, a fantasy written for teens or kids ages 8-17.

Dragon Riders of The Realm is an adventure as well as a reminder of my childhood years. I was called names and bullied by kids both older and younger than myself. But time and prayer and going ahead and living everyday helped me get through those tough times in elementary, junior high and high school.

I was a Children’s pastor for three different churches over a fifteen-year period here in the Colorado Springs area. During those years, our church volunteers worked with puppets, did storytelling and object lessons, gave Bible quizzes, held Vacation Bible School, did youth drama skits and plays, and worshiped the Lord. Our volunteers were part of a church bus ministry team and coffee house ministry as well.

My education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Drama, a Master of Divinity, a certificate in Facilities Management and a certificate in Paralegal.

My wife and I pastored a small church in South Dakota for nearly two years.

Today, I am a full time city bus driver. My hobbies include: astronomy, songwriting and playing my guitar, creative writing and non-fiction writing, some poetry and devotionals, and throwing the Frisbee.

I hope you enjoy reading my first book. I am writing a sequel to Book1. Book 2, entitled Caves of Conquest, should be ready by Spring of 2014.

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  1. You can blog as often as you want. I’m too busy to blog every day. Find a suitable time frame and try to be consistent. For example, twice or three times a week. See what works best for you and do a trial for a month. If that’s too often, cut back, but be consistent whatever you decide.

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