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Caves of Conquest – Book Two at the Publishers!

Dear Friends and Followers,

My second book in the series, Dragon Riders of The Realm, “Caves of Conquest, The Truth Will Triumph,” was recently sent to my publisher, Xulon Press. I am excited and scared. I wanted to add a map of The Realm, but it still needs work. So, a third book in this series is planned for this summer, 2014. Hopefully by then, I’ll have the map ready as well.

If any of you have read Book One, please write a review at under my Book title. Even if you didn’t like the Book, I welcome your reviews. I’m a writer-in-learning. I plan to take a few more classes to improve my grammar and writing style.

Happy writing and reading!

Book Two in View; How about You?

Last year I predicted that I would have two books published before the end of the year (2013). That didn’t happen. But, by God’s grace I am nearing the end of Book Two in my series: Dragon Riders of The Realm. That is exciting news! Book Two is entitled: Caves of Conquest.

I was asked recently if Book Three is in the works. I started writing Book Three last November, 2013. It’s started, but getting Book Two ready for publication has taken a lot of time. I am a full-time city bus driver. My weekdays are booked. So, making time to write Book Three is difficult.

So, yes. I am planning a third Book in this series. When it will be finished is a hard question to answer. But, I hope to complete it before summer, June, 2014.

If you are writing, keep at it. Get that story inside of you out on paper. Go to writing conferences, critique groups, online to take writing classes and strive to improve your craft. It will be worth your efforts.

Writing Can Be Fun!

1. On your free time, write! Write about an answer to prayer.
2. Think about your neighborhood or housing area or apartment. Describe the sounds you hear daily.
3. Ask if you can contribute a poem or article for the church bulletin, local newspaper or to the school newspaper. Write about the weather or an event that took place recently.
4. Write a letter or keyboard a letter to someone you love. Tell them all the neat things you like about them. Send it to them.
5. Write a letter to your sponsored child from Compassion International. Send it.
6. Journal in a notebook or journal and share your feelings about something someone did that blessed you. Share how you felt when you received it; how you felt a month later. Keep journaling.
7. Make a list of three things you like about:
a. Your pastor
b. Your mailcarrier
c. Your spouse/friend
d. Your neighbor
e. Your teacher/boss
f. Your dog/pet
g. Your brother/sister
h. Yourself