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Two Book Signings Coming in April 2014

Dear Friends,

I have my next book signing on April 19, Easter Weekend at Barnes and Noble Booksellers, 795 Citadel Drive E, in the Citadel Mall, Colorado Springs, Colorado. I plan to be there from 10:00 AM till late afternoon or early evening. Both of my books should be available; Book One: Dragon Riders of The Realm and Book Two: Dragon Riders of The Realm, Caves of Conquest. I hope you’ll come purchase one or both.

My next book signing is on April 26, at Family Christian Bookstore, 7165 N. Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I plan to be there from 10:00 AM till late afternoon.

I appreciate your prayers and support as I continue to write for the Lord, wrapping the gospel in fantasy to reach teens for Christ.

Second Book is Now Available!

HI everyone. My second Book: from Dragon Riders of The Realm series, entitled Caves of Conquest, is now available on, Barnes and Noble, and Apple as an eBook and soon if not now, as a printed paperback.

Thanks for your support and prayers that my books will win young people to Christ.

My website is:

Keep in touch.

Second Book: Caves of Conquest Soon to Arrive as eBook and in Print

Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers,

What can be more exciting than to see your ideas, stories, thoughts, reflections and articles/manuscripts in PRINT? Because I am self-published, printing time can take from one to six weeks because I’m paying the publisher to print my books. But they see great value in what I’m writing. So, it’s a two-way street.

Traditional published books sometimes are seen as of greater worth or value because the author had to write a proposal to get their work looked at and eventually accepted.

My books are of great value and worth because they are Christ-centered. As a Christian writing fantasy around the gospel, I am hoping to reach a generation of young people and anyone else out there interested in dragons. Book One names fifteen dragons. Book Two names at least thirty dragons in it. Most of my dragons are active players in my stories.

Book Two is much more complicated and interwoven. It will be a great addition to Book One as well as the sequel to Book One.

I hope you enjoy reading these books.

P.S. Please write a review at for any of my books you find listed there. Thanks.