Monthly Archives: April 2014

Success is Spelled ‘Rest in Him’

After two more book signings I’m starting to understand a great principal: ‘Commit your work to the Lord and rest in Him during events.’ I tend to get anxious during a book signing because I want to sell a lot and sign a lot of books. But, I’m learning that I may not be at this event to do just one thing. It may be that the Lord has me there to be an encourager as well as a signer or seller. So, by praying for Him to ordain that event and the people He wants to bring there, I actually cast my cares upon Him and He cares for me during the event. My worries gone, I can focus on people rather than books and money.
This is a huge revelation for me! A perfectionist from ‘kidhood’ and now as an aspiring adult writer of YA fiction I want His imprint on my work and time, not mine. He is the Author and Finisher of my faith. May I succeed in resting in Him and focusing on relationships rather than all the other ‘stuff’ that tends to feed my flesh rather than my spirit!

Busy Day with Other Writers

Saturday, April 5, 2014 was a great day for me. I went to hear Donita K. Paul share at the local chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers meeting. She informed and entertained us regarding presentations as authors/speakers. We need to know our topic, our audience, the facility, ages, etc. We need to structure our talk and have a strategy for sharing our experiences so the audience really understands what we’re saying.

Saturday afternoon I attended the Pikes Peak Library District Mountain of Authors conference. Twenty-four Colorado authors were present (selected) to share their books, to sell and sign copies. There were two panel discussion groups and one featured speaker. It was free, an annual event and worth it.

Because I’m a published author and was excited to be present, I was able to offer signed copies of my books to several people as well.

Personally, getting the message of my books out into the ‘reading world’ is more important than earning money. At least this is my initial take on ‘professional’ writing.

One of the authors present today at the East Library in Colorado Springs was Mara Purl, former actress on ‘Days of Our Lives.’ She impressed on us the importance of knowing our readers, caring about them, writing to their needs, and being truthful and authentic in our writing. She stressed the importance of writing with excellence and accuracy, with which all of the other authors agreed wholeheartedly.

The library staff reminded us that they have many resources for new and experienced writers. I encourage you to check your local libraries for similar resources, critique groups, writer’s groups and more. Get involved and stay involved as a ‘becoming’ writer.

Take Some Courses in Writing

I recently signed up Online with and am taking a Masters Fiction Writing Course. It consists of ten lessons from a fiction writer who has published over 90 books. I need to be learning about fiction writing, even if I’ve already published two books. The cost was only $47.00. Well worth it!