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Please Write a Review of My Books at

Have you read Book One or Book Two in the Dragon Riders of The Realm series? Then, please write a review, whether you liked or disliked the books. I need 50 people to write a review of each book. If you’ve read one or both, then tell others what you enjoyed about them. I would greatly appreciate your reviews. They will make me a better writer.

God’s Amazing Kindness for Writers

Today, two thoughts came to my attention about writing for God’s glory:
1. Just the act of writing, not necessarily writing something on the page, can be an act of worship. Making an effort, taking a first step toward, looking in the direction of the Lord in order to obey Him; all of these actions ‘tell’ God we’re ‘moving’ toward His will. I sense in my spirit that He interprets our ‘acts’ as obedience to Him.
2. Instead of writing a certain amount of time each day as a goal, we can also set our daily goal in terms of an amount of words we produce. A daily goal might be ‘one paragraph’ or one ‘sentence.’ Maybe even one ‘word’ would be enough of a daily goal, especially if you’re struggling to write. Some days, I just write a poem instead of a paragraph, sentence or word. My love for rhyming poetry is deep and wide.

Keep Writing

It’s easy to stop doing things that help us. Writing helps an author keep his/her material fresh. Re-writing and editing our fresh material helps keep it even fresher, relevant and reader-friendly. So, keep writing if you’re an author. Keep dieting if you’re losing weight. Keep doing what helps and stop doing what hinders.
Easier said than done, but anything worth doing will require work: sometimes hard work; sometimes thoughtful work; sometimes unappreciated work; sometimes sweaty work; sometimes long, arduous, days-gone-by work! But keep at it. This past week, I had to change a front headlight that had gone out. It took nearly three hours because the light fixture was located in a hard-to-get-to area. Finally, I had to remove the battery, and even then it was hard to replace this lightbulb. But, after taking a middle-of-the-project break, I completed the task. Do you know how good it feels to have accomplished that task? REAL good!
Writing can be just as tough. But we must keep at it. I may not write something every day, but I try not to let a week pass without having written something on a present manuscript, or in my journal.