Monthly Archives: June 2014

On Vacation…Now Back to Writing!

Dear Friends,

My family and I actually visited Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole, Wyoming a few weeks ago. I write about these two areas of our country in my second book, Dragon Riders of The Realm The Truth Will Triumph. I hope you’ll check out both of my books.

In writing a third book I’m finding that a writer must stick to his/her writing and not leave it sitting for long periods of time without adding more storyline to it. When ideas come to mind, write them down and set them aside in a folder. Then, when you come back to write, you can open your folder to trigger your thoughts and start writing again.

Hope your summer is going well. Plan some down time into your schedule. We all need breaks, but use the break time to read or pray or walk the dogs. Be sure to relax and get some exercise daily.