Monthly Archives: July 2014

Writing v. Publishing

I said for years, “I’m going to write a book.” Then, during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) I wrote over 19,000 words in 2012. I continued writing in December, January, February and March, 2013. Finally I had written approximately 52,000 words. I read ‘The Fine Print of Self-Publishing’ by Mark Levine. I searched the web for an independent publisher. I chose a publisher and signed a contract. I asked around at church for a professional editor and got some names. I called, and one of them helped me edit my first  book. It was finally published in June, 2013. Now, it’s July, 2014. I’ve published a second book and am presently working on a third.

What about you? What are you doing with your writing? Are you afraid of the unknown? I was, too. But my reading and research helped me step into the unknown and learn as much as I could so I wasn’t going into it blind. My goal is to finish my trilogy before Christmas, 2014.

What are your goals? Write them down and pray and move forward. You can do anything you want to do if you check things out and ask others to pray for you and work with you. God cares about our ideas, our musings and writing and poetry and drama. He calls us to do more than write. He wants the world to hear about Him through our gifts and writing is one of those gifts. So, use your gift and get published!

Writer’s Block

When you’ve put off your writing because you don’t feel like writing, because you don’t have any ideas to move the story forward, because you’re too tired or too busy or too stressed out — think about ‘ A Writer’s Block.’ In other words, a neighborhood block with houses lining the street and you live in the first house. Next door is your favorite author!

Suddenly, you want to write because you’re living next to your favorite suspense author. And living next to him/her is your favorite historical fiction author. And next to her/him is your favorite bookstore where you like to browse and buy books. All along the block are favorites of yours: authors, people, bookstores, etcetera.

Well, in your minds eye, ‘a writer’s block’ is ‘real’ because you’ve been to all these places and possibly met these people either in person or through their writings. In your mind, there is ‘a writer’s block’ where you live next to all of them. And this can inspire you to keep writing, keeping in mind that you are part of ‘their’ family.

You are writing because you’re one of them! You can’t just stop writing. God has gifted you and you’re using your ‘writing gift’ to honor Him and bless your readers. ‘A writer’s Block’ can remind you how important your writing is now and will be after you’ve kicked the bucket.  Your writing will live on after you’re gone. So, for Heaven’s sake, keep on writing!