Monthly Archives: August 2014

Puzzled about Writing?

I’m presently writing my third novel in my series: Dragon Riders of The Realm. Good writing requires an author to write scenes, going back again and again to each scene to see how it reads, feels and connects with the storyline.

It’s like putting a puzzle together piece by piece. You can’t rush it. You have to see the picture in your mind and write out the words that describe each scene, character by character, conversation by conversation. It takes time and thoughtful consideration. Each piece has to fit perfectly in order for the whole picture to look and feel right for the reader.

Good writing requires time: days, weeks and months of reading and rereading, writing and rewriting, until the ‘story’ in the writing begins to replace the words you’ve written. When the ‘story’ flows naturally out of the words you’ve written, it’s the moment you capture your audience and they are no longer reading a book. At that moment, your reader begins to live in the main character or supporting characters and is living the ‘story.’

Write well by seeking to write scenes that are complete, that carry the storyline further along, using conflict often, character development,  and creative solutions to those conflicts no one else has used.