Monthly Archives: September 2014

Good Writing Comes with Practice

I’ve told others not to erase their writings. Save them under a title and come back to them later. Wrapped inside your ‘baby writing’  or ‘beginning writing’ you may have ‘toddler writing’ or ‘intermediate writing.’ Good writing comes with practice.

I know I’ve said this before, but I must say it again. Good writing requires re-writing. By saving your ‘beginning writing’ you can later pull out the stuff you like and use it as the ‘seed’ to develop a better plot, or better dialogue, or better storyline.

Keep writing. Allow your mind to meditate on your thoughts and ideas. Then, write about them. Explore and expand on your thoughts and ideas. Your mind will amaze you if you give it time to incubate on your ideas. Incubating encourages ideas to hatch and multiply into other areas of exploration.

Good stories come from centered-time, focused thought, prayerful meditation and writing.


Writing to Reflect God’s Person

My writing should rub off God’s presence on the reader. It’s not enough that I have a storyline or message per say, but in the act of reading my writing, others should get a sense that God is behind it all.

I believe God is personal and interested in each one of us. He is the ever-present One helping me write with Him in mind. I want my writing to welcome Him, to engage Him, to declare Him, to touch Him and be touched by Him. If my writing is touched by God, then God will touch readers through what I’ve written.

That’s one of my goals: that each reader be touched by God in some unique, helpful way. Like the rays of the sun so may God’s presence touch and warm each reader’s heart as they read and comprehend the message in the words, letters and numbers I share in my writing.

Handling Bullies: One Reason to Write!

Writing books is not a dream for me. It used to be. Now, I’ve written two novels and plan to write one more to complete a trilogy. I didn’t start writing my first book in order to achieve recognition. I wrote my first book in order to share how it feels to have ‘bullies’ in my past and provide some answers for those who have ‘bullies’ in their lives.

Hopefully, I gave some clear ideas for my readers to consider whether their ‘bullies’ are in their past or someone they face daily at work, school or home. Many of us are challenged by others and we need ways to handle these circumstances. The three rules of The Realm have helped me overcome the anger and frustration I’ve experienced from past and present day ‘bullies.’

A good reason to write for me is to share a novel or book that readers love and learn from. If my books have helped my readers in some way, I accomplished my initial goal. Beyond that I hope my books are fun to read.