Monthly Archives: October 2014

Marketing Through Websites/Blogs

Marketing through websites/blogs is tough. Just having a Word Press blog is rough because you get blogged to death by spammers and who knows whose sending you their unrelated comments. So, find someone who can connect you to people who like your writing and website content. Try to attract those interested in your books, blog material and content by using a professional  SEO nerd or person. You’ll be better off.

Writing Breaks

As a new author I’m learning that breaks from writing are  necessary . Short breaks to take a walk, walk the dogs, get up and stretch, go to lunch, call a friend, read the Word, nap…help keep the blood circulating and can refresh the mind.

Longer breaks need to be scheduled and taken, but not too long. A long break would be to go on vacation for a week or two, to take a deliberate break from writing for a time, to concentrate on other areas of need in the home, for the main career, or for general things that need to be done.

Once, I took a one month break and it disrupted my writing. It was hard to get back into my characters and develop the plot successfully. I do not recommend a longer break than two weeks away from writing, especially if you are working on one specific story or storyline.

You get the point. Breaks are important to stay fresh and clear one’s mind. But come back to your writing and keep at it. Don’t get distracted or discouraged. Keep writing and rewriting until you sense that you’ve accomplished another writing goal. Balancing writing time and refreshing breaks will benefit you and your writing.

Two Tough Assignments

As a writer I believe the two toughest assignments are 1) get the book started with action and intrigue; and 2) end the book in a satisfying way for your reader.

Action and intrigue can be seen in suspense thrillers and action/drama books. My books need help in this area. I know my books have this type of content, but to begin and end with action/intrigue is my goal for my next set of books.

My ‘Dragon Riders of The Realm’ series is almost complete. The third and final book should be out in the next three months. I hope readers will enjoy them whether or not they begin and end with a bang!