Monthly Archives: November 2014

Don’t Wait Too Long

As a writer, a published writer, one cannot wait too long between book signings and related events. Stay in touch with book stores where you’ve had previous book signings/readings. Keep your calendar booked with community and public events, so you don’t lose touch with your readers.

Excuse me. I’ve got to go call that last bookstore, and the public library to see if and when I can schedule my next book signing. See you later.

Keep Writing!

I’ve come to the end of writing,

Three books. Should I take a break?

I can’t stop thinking of stories,

That would keep my readers awake.


Keep writing. Do research. Study.

Keyboard your words. Let them flow.

Build each scene with excitement;

Add intrigue, mystery, and ‘No!’


Keep writing. Rewriting. Writing.

Engaging each character, too;

Challenging every reader,

To seek and discover each  clue.


Take some short breaks from your writing,

To ponder and brainstorm your thoughts;

Come back then and write better stories,

With deeper, tighter, better plots.


Weave in catchy,  robust appeal,

Spark each reader’s mental sight;

Satisfy their need for closure,

When it comes time to say, ‘Good night.’