Monthly Archives: January 2015

Book Three is Finished!

I thank God for His kindness in seeing me through this adventure of completing my trilogy! Dragon Riders of The Realm Uncharted Territory came out on and Barnes & Noble on January 9, 2015.

Writing a story involving three boys and a girl, two different families, has been challenging. It has been a blast to walk with these kids through their real life world and in The Realm of Lasting. It took hours, days, weeks, months of sitting, waiting, praying, note taking, writing and rewriting to finish. But now book 3 is out there and ready for purchase.

Because I’m a full-time city bus driver, I forget I’m an author of fantasy/science fiction. Now and then, a customer will come up to me and remind me I’m a writer. I’m still getting used to the idea that I’m a self-published writer.

It’s my prayer that my books will be read by young and old alike. I pray that everyone who reads these books will come away blessed and educated and with a greater sense of how big God is and how creative they can be in their imaginations, too.

Best Seller v. Most Read

How does the New York Times ¬†measure whether a book has been read the most or just sold the most? The most sold books only implies that the purchaser read it or will read the book someday. Even a review of the book doesn’t mean the reviewer read the book.

What if there was a list of the most read novels and non-fiction books? I bet the list would be very small compared to the most sold list. Selling a book never assures the writer that the purchaser read the book.

I’m not writing books to sell them as much as I am writing them for people to read and be ‘touched’ or ‘engaged’ by the story. Do I want my books to become bestsellers? Sure, but I still want my books to be most read, most loved, most enjoyed for the content rather than most sold.

Hopefully, readers, writers, publishers and book reviewers will someday focus on the content of books rather than the sales of books. Can you imagine what a difference that would make? “Hey, everybody! I made the NYT’s Most Read list! Isn’t that exciting?”

An “Idea Bank” or “Idea Folder”

I have dreams and these ideas pop into my head. Write down your ideas as soon as you can. The sooner you write them down and tuck them away into your “Idea Folder” the better you will feel about writing.¬†Your ideas that come from dreams or from walking around and viewing life are the ideas that will eventually fit into a book or article you plan to write or are writing now.

Start an Idea Bank. Deposit into it regularly. Visit it often and withdraw from it as needed for your writing projects. Ideas, poems, rhymes, songs, thoughts, inventions can go into your “Idea Bank” for sooner or later use.

Don’t put it off. Start investing in yourself and your writing. Create an “Idea Bank” or “Idea Folder” and start saving toward an awesome writing future. The future is now.