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Marketing Ideas for Creating Income and Publicity

Many new writers wonder how to market their books. Most of my income comes from book signings and hosting a booth at a local event. Websites are good for sharing information, but events, either an event you create or one you attend, draw people to you and your products (books).

“” provides a website where you can sell your books. This is an added feature you can use for marketing. I also ordered a square from “” Now, I can take orders by credit card when I carry my square unit with my cell phone.

Call Barnes and Noble and ask if you can hold a book signing at their store. Plan at least two months ahead and work with the store manager. They order the books and pay for them. You sign and sell them. They get the purchase price and you get the royalties and publicity. It’s a fair exchange if you ask me.

Book signings, a booth at a local event, a website with a book selling feature added, a square unit,…are a few ideas for marketing your books/business. If you want money coming in, you have to be outgoing. Get busy and get paid!



Cosplay/Sci-Fi/Pop Culture Event was Fun!

This past weekend (February 27, 28, Mar. 1) a fellow author and I shared a booth to promote our books and businesses. I was blessed out of my socks to share in the adventure at Galaxy/Fest 2015 at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs, CO.

Being a vendor/business promoter is an awesome opportunity. Sharing a booth with another like-minded friend is truly engaging. We got to talk about our businesses, our families and our personal goals. I plan to join in sharing a booth with my friend next year as well.

Check around your community for events where you could buy a booth or share a booth, and promote your business/books. I took candy to give away, and bookmarks (to sign) and give away,  and plenty of books to sign and sell. One advantage of having a shared booth: you can leave the booth and browse while your friend stays with the merchandise; you share the opportunity both ways.

Get out and start ‘boothing;” start investing in your business by paying for a booth. It gives exposure to you and your products for less than other forms of advertising.