Monthly Archives: April 2015

SEO – Why I Need It!

I recently talked on the phone with an expert in Search Engine Optimization from PPSEO. Here I thought my website was mobile ready. Think again! I need a clean up and new keywords that will drive the right people to my site, not just anyone. It will take at least four to six months to get my site ready for the right clientele, believe it or not. It will cost me more than I can afford right now, believe it or not. But, at least I know now what I need to bring my books to the teens who love dragons, dragon adventures, how to face their bullies and where to purchase Dragon Riders of The Realm.

I must educate myself on the basics. I also need ┬áto find a true friend or honest fan who can work with me on improving my website and tutor me on web/blog basics and SEO. Right now I’m trying Adwords on Google, but my keywords aren’t very key. I’ve had 8 clicks in twenty days. That’s a sour note.

Are you someone who can help me [free of charge] or with some hints on how to optimize my site with SEO? If so, email me at: Maybe we can work together on my site to get it “mobile Ready.” Either way, I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.