Monthly Archives: May 2015

Success is an Investment. Thank You for Your Support!

My three novels Dragon Riders of The Realm are complete as a trilogy. The third book came out on January 9, 2015. Sales have been slow but consistent. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Xulon Press online have made them available to interested parties. Is my trilogy a bestseller? No. But those who’ve read my books enjoyed my Christian fantasy. So, that pleases me. Have readers been given a good story wrapped around the Good News of Jesus Christ? Yes.

Success is seen on several different levels. First, is the book selling well? I don’t know. Are there other avenues to make it sell better? Probably. Second, does the book tell a great story? Yes. Covering three novels, the storyline is strong and cohesive. Third, is the Good News changing lives? Yes. Generally, those who’ve read it like it and felt it was a change maker for them.

As a self-published author I’ve invested lots of money, hundreds of hours, and lots of prayer. It has been a good ride and experience for me. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this journey. Thank you for your comments, reviews on Amazon, your purchases, your prayers and your general encouragement along the way. It is much appreciated.