Monthly Archives: September 2015

Do You Like Dragons?

I enjoyed reading Dragonology , The Complete Book of Dragons, by Dr. Ernest Drake. My youngest daughter had the book and I asked if I could borrow it. She hasn’t seen it for nearly three years because I forgot to return it to her library of books. Anyway, I recommend this book for dragon lovers.

My trilogy, entitled Dragon Riders of The Realm, is full of good and evil dragons. I enjoyed writing this story of how two middle school boys who go inside a computer game to live with and learn from the good dragons, how to face their bullies at school.

Book 1, A Test of Faith and Friendship, has as many as fifteen named dragons, along with many interesting creatures of The Realm of Lasting. Book 2, Caves of Conquest, adds fifteen more dragons and continues the story of how these young teens and eventually their younger siblings join them in The Realm of Lasting to fight evil and do good. Book 3, Uncharted Territory, completes the series, showing kids they can face any problem using the three simple rules of The Realm of Lasting.

I love this story because it wraps the message of the Gospel with fantasy, using dialogue to paint the picture of Christ’s love for us, as the kids share their struggles with life in their own world and share their adventures together in The Realm of Lasting. I hope you will read Dragon Riders of The Realm, write a review at Amazon or Barnes & Noble of each Book and let me know your feelings. God bless all of you!