Monthly Archives: November 2015

Why Buy My Books?

I’ve noticed groups purchasing my books and then returning them. Is it because they are Christian-oriented? I don’t know the answer, but I’m grateful for my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Buy my books because the storyline is coherent, engaging, relevant. Kids are being bullied and my books address this issue. Bullied kids need to seek out the background of their bullies, try getting to know them rather than avoid or fight them. Bullies need our prayers, our concern, our friendship over time, and our forgiveness.

Buy my books to give to your teens. These books are filled with dragons, fantasy, and of course, a message about God that makes sense. My books aren’t preachy. The message comes through the dialogue between the teens in the story.

Buy my books because the story is fun, has humor, shows kids making tough decisions on their own and as a team, and gives kids a chance to ask themselves what they would do in tough situations.

My books aren’t cheap, but worth the paper they’re printed on and in the form of an eBook or download for a Kindle or other electronic device. I’m proud of this story and excited to share it with my readers and the world.