Monthly Archives: December 2015

Active Writers Read, Write, and Get Noticed!

Active writers need ongoing training and support. How do they get it? They read other books; books about writing well and improving grammar. They read in their area of focus.

Active writers attend writers conferences, critique groups, and take classes on writing when affordable. Active writers become members of Toastmasters International in order to learn to speak well, to give lively and helpful presentations.

Active writers submit their articles, plays, manuscripts and columns to a variety of businesses (publishing houses, newspapers, magazines), hoping for a contract or payment for their written work.

Are you an active writer; an active speaker/writer? Are you printing and giving out your business card so others will know about you and how to contact you?

Be active: write what you love, share what you write, publish yourself, your work. Get it out there in front of readers! Get noticed. Get paid. Stay active!

Writer – Success?

Judging by the sales of my books, I haven’t been successful. But judging by the comments of my readers, I am having success at reaching young and older people with my story. My story fluctuates with excitement, conflict and suspense. Bullying is the general theme. How to handle it, the engaging and ongoing presentation.

I hope you’ll read my trilogy.