Monthly Archives: March 2016

Write! Query! Submit! Get published!

Many new writers feel they’re too busy to write. But when a topic is burning in your heart, just get out of bed or leave the TV show you’re watching, and go write on the topic. Just do this. I did this for a month at different times and ended up writing fourteen different articles on the same topic.

But writing isn’t enough. A writer must find a publication and submit her/his writings for publication. Study a magazine or newspaper and know what they’re looking for, what they will pay you for. Then, write a query letter indicating who you are, why your article will fit their audience needs, and ask if they’d like to see your material.

If they ask to see your article, send it in their required format and style. Follow their writer guidelines and send them your article. Get paid and be ready for other assignments.

Never write for a filing cabinet. Never put your work aside and let it rot in a manilla folder. Write to be published. Write to be read and heard and appreciated or disagreed with. Write because you are gifted and need to use this special gift. You are never too busy to write and publish your work. Never.