Monthly Archives: April 2016


Even if you only have five minutes, pull up a chair, open up a new document or get out a pen/pencil and paper, and write. Is there a recent idea you’ve had rolling around in your mind in the last few days? Is there a scene that stumps you? Is there a poem you’ve wanted to start? Is there a list of ideas or topics you felt needed to be scribed down?

Write! Take a moment and write! Take two minutes and write. Even in the middle of kids yelling and ransacking the house; even in the middle of a big whumtido! Write something. Etch something on a blank piece of paper! Get out your journal and write out a paragraph of a recent happening and date it.

Delay is decay! Write now, not later! Putting it off could put it out! Invest the time to write a bit and cook the idea that’s on the spit (grill). You can do more by writing a little, than thinking a lot about what to write. When ideas come, don’t be numb. Write them down and set them aside. This is the best way to build a story, a building, anything meaningful that others may value. Do you get the hint? Write!