Monthly Archives: June 2016

Experience and Contraband Writing

Writing is not the only thing writers do. We have hobbies such as astronomy, biking, hiking, birding, scrapbooking, selling products as representatives of small businesses, and the like. In many cases the other things that we do bring newness and freshness to our writing because life is full of experiences, and it is those experiences that give us ideas to make our writing stable, steady, and sound.

Stories for our books come out of stories in our lives. Tell your stories in non-fiction and wrap your stories with fantasy and engaging characters for fiction.

Write something everyday, even if it seems awkward or distant from whatever you’re working on at that moment in time. Writing off the top of your head is fun. Let your mind ponder a subject and write out of your gut rather than giving your opinion like you would in a group of friends.

Underground writing is writing that might be contraband to your friends and family, but it’s your true self speaking out, addressing issues and soapbox telling. This is what publishers are looking for – ideas that are fresh, challenging and point-blank.