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Creating a “Culture of Life” to Fight Teen Suicide

Teens and young adults have been ignored by their parents.

Young teens may come home to an empty house because both parents work. After school, a youngster has too much freedom and no guidance at home when they need it most. They may watch television, the kind of programs and movies that contain sex, violence and filthy language. No one’s there to stop them. Some may not come home at all after school, and instead, go with their friends to play with the ouija board, or experiment with other forms of harmful games  produced to hurt them.

Young adults in the military face similar problems. The rigors of training and active duty, especially during actual fighting, can leave a young person riddled with questions. Death of comrades or of the enemy can leave these troops fearful. Creating a “culture of life” for military service men and women is crucial to maintaining unity and allegiance to the combat mission. Professional counselors available on an “as needed” basis, might quell the number of suicides among our service men and women.

One way parents can help create a “culture of life” is to find friends for their teens and young people that do have Christian parents at home after school. One set of parents can ask those parents if their son or daughter can go there until you get home. Work out a share plan so you can pay them back for their sacrifice of time and energy. Also search within your community for programs or centers that offer after school activities for young adults. Hopefully, your sons and daughters will be willing to participate in one. These programs may offer music, aerobics, gymnastics, or a variety of other helpful ways to keep your kids safe and busy till you get home.

Kids hate the messages they have heard about abortion, divorce and fathers abandoning their families.

This continual bombardment of bad news scares them! If they’re already part of a family that has experienced these actions, they are on the brink of fear for their lives. Our youth do not want to live in a “culture of death.” Even assisted-suicide is prevalent in some states. What is wrong with mature adults making laws that allow the legal death of innocent babies? Allow the death of a marriage through legal divorce? Promote the death of a family so a father can legally produce babies and then, just get up one day, and abandon that home? Even approve so-called doctors to kill their family’s loved ones simply because they don’t want to live anymore? Or that they have an illness that seems untreatable? We need to promote a “culture of life” in our homes and communities!

Where are the brave Christian men and women in government who will turn the tide of evil spreading through our land?

Leaders could rewrite the laws and put abortion to a stop! Rewrite the laws and make divorce illegal. Write a new law that rewards parents for being home when their kids come home from school! Brave Christian men and women in government could stop being shoved-around by evil-minded lawmakers and turn the tide back to civil laws that make sense. They could actually make America better by modeling this “culture of life” in government and in churches!

Our teens and twenty-somethings, both in civilian life and in the military, are at their wits end over where our nation is going!

Scared of families that are splitting-up. Sick of the crime. Tired of being the “parents” of their siblings when they get home from school. Our youth are retaliating by hurting themselves by cutting, playing dangerous games, joining gangs and even taking their own lives. Where are we promoting and modeling a “culture of life” for our teens and young adults?

It’s past time to stop this onslaught of Satan’s perpetuation of  fear, division, and the death of our own children and our precious families. Government and community leaders must do see what’s missing in their cities and create programs and centers that exemplify a “culture of life.” Sending a message to that city that we will not tolerate the spread of evil and crime can be done. Pastors, churchmen and women, and responsible parents, both married and single, must  cry out to God for His divine intervention. We must repent of our waywardness and begin to take our country and our children back! We can change the laws that are dividing us. We must change this culture of death into a “culture of life, hope, and truth,” based on biblical principles, and godly acts of love for our kids! The time is NOW!