About Book One




Take an adventure into The Realm of Lasting with fourteen-year-old James Kinson and his best friend, Kevin. This fantasy world is filled with dragons and demons and all sorts of creatures never before seen, who live in the forests and fields, along trails and tumbling waterfalls, inside caves and also on cliff tops.

James befriends a dragon and, through various battles and tests, he and Kevin learn what it means to be a Christian. They travel back and forth between reality and The Realm, and sometimes James’ sister Jessie joins them, too.

Readers will love the intense battle scenes in this allegorical story, including riding on the backs of dragons, as James and Kevin put their faith to the test and confront challenges that push their limits physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In Book one, James struggles with having 13 warts and realizes he must face his problems, with God’s help, and not run from them. He finds a great friend in Kevin and also a dragon from The Realm, who helps him see beyond the surface to the strength that lies within.

Issues such as self-image, bullying and dealing with loss are covered.

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