Blog On!

Blogging, sharing the latest information about yourself, your events, your business in general is expected of bloggers. So, keep sharing. Blog on anything of interest that relates to your business products or personnel. Blog about Jesus, about your church, about your website, about your latest post. Go to the WordCamps in Denver this month. Learn and then blog on!

Finding your niche? Are you a writer. musician, singer, reader? Blog about your wish list. Blog about your goals. Blog about your frustrations. It’s ok to blog about your business and the struggles you face.

Recently, I wanted to change jobs. But when you are nearing retirement, you are choosing to step out of a great job (I am anyway) into something with less benefits. So, I have to pray about it, maybe fast a few meals, seek advice from godly people I know, and make a decision based on the pros and cons of changing jobs.

Blog on! I must keep a pace with my books and my writing. How are you doing with your business and daily challenges? Rest in the Lord. Read the book of Hebrews in the Holy Bible. Rest is a priority for blogging, for working, for improvement. Blog on and rest in the Lord.