Book Review Survey

1. Did you read Dragon Riders of The Realm?
2. Who or what was your favorite character, scene, or chapter? Why?



3. What did you like about the book?



4. What didn’t you like about the book?



5. John’s second book should be out by October of 2013. Do you plan to read it?

6. Please write a review of Dragon Riders of The Realm at, whether you enjoyed the book or not.
7. If you are an author or publisher, would you be willing to write an endorsement for my second book?



8. If you would like to purchase a signed copy of my book, that can be arranged by mail, at one of my book signings or during a visit in your area. Visit my website for more information.

9. Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Friend? If not, take a moment and talk to Him right now. Ask Him to come into your heart and soul. Believe He is there, wherever you are. Begin reading the New Testament of the Holy Bible. Find a church or fellowship that believes in and trusts Him by faith.



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