Encouragement For You!

I have been busy writing encouraging notes (encouragement for you) to my fellow toastmasters with Quail Lake Toastmaster’s Club in Colorado Springs. I want to share some with you.

I’ve also completed two major Bible Studies on Integrity for Men. While writing and studying God’s Word, I’ve booked my next signing for April 15, 2017 at the Barnes and Noble Booksellers at the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs. Hope to see you there!

Here are a few excerpts from my writings:

Encouragement for You!

Emails I’ve written over the past few months


Have a wonderful, productive, positive week. If you get tangled-up in the details of life’s awkwardness, keep some O-Live Oil handy. Rub it all over your situation and see if you can’t slip out of the tangles of life. Keep your mind sharp so you can cut away any anxious thoughts that try to bind you up. Hopefully, if you feel any stress attaching itself to you, breathe deep and then blow it off! Kick back and while you’re kicking, kick that stress away through some exercises: de-stress!


You are valuable beyond price, diamonds-in-the-rough, unique and precious.


You will be blessed and be a blessing as you find other ways to share your life and your awesome creative energy and wisdom with others. Keep up your momentum and open yourself to the newness of God’s resourcefulness. You are a light and a voice and a presence He can use elsewhere and within your new sphere of influence.


Never stop dreaming! Never stop dreaming about your possibilities! Never stop long enough to stop too long. Never give up on your goals! Never let your feelings be your launching pad: let love for God, love for others, and love for yourself be your launching pad!


Because the launching pad burns up as you take off, you’ll have to dream up another way to land! So, dream big and broad and wide and high and deep and diagonally and create new ways to land that no one has ever dreamed!


You are amazing! You are the only one of you, so make your mark and make it count!


Remember, you only have today. Make today the best day of your life. Be productive, but also take time to relax and appreciate where you’ve been! Appreciate who you are and who God is and who your neighbor is. Reach out to someone today who may not be having such a great day. Buy a gift of sorts to give away to someone today. Just buy something at the dollar store or grocery store and plan ahead to give it to someone to bless them.


You are a gift. You are a sign of hope. You are a voice of peace. You are significant. You are loved by God. You are a blessing to someone everyday. You are a smile someone looks forward to seeing. You are related to others by blood, and by friendship. Be thankful. Be joyful. Be you.


What do you want for Christmas for others? I want the homeless to have a warm bed and shelter; I want the imprisoned to find peace with themselves and with God; I want the disappointed and distraught to know there’s hope and forgiveness, and direction through life’s hardships, to a better place; I want college students and business people to find our club and learn to communicate and lead better…