National Holidays

National Holidays are reminders of those who have died in wartime, in training, or while on duty, in order to protect us and our freedoms. One way to celebrate their lives is to take one name from a graveyard headstone, from the Vietnam Wall, from Arlington Cemetery, or the like, try to look up some information about them, and then take that name with you on vacation, remembering that it was their sacrifice that provided the freedoms you enjoy today.

This is just a thought, a way of saying “Thank you!” to them and their family for making a way for you to be something, go somewhere, have a career, that may not have been possible had they never served.

I’ve written a song, “Bless God, America!” I hope you’ll take time to listen to it and believe our nation is truly blessed by God, and that He wants us to bless Him for all He has done for us.

God desires our repentance, unity, prayer, and worship. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and needs to be our focus in daily living. Let Him be your Savior and Friend; and the Holy Spirit your Guide and Counselor.

“Bless God, America!” is the way to bring revival to our nation, and holiness back to our churches. “Bless God, America!” is a way for America to set the example for other nations to follow!

“Bless God, America!” is saying to our neighbors, cities, states and nation that God is our center, our hope, our focus in life. He is our strength, our shield, our bulwark, our Helper. No nation should be without the Living God on their side! No nation should seek any other Face, than the Face of the Living God, the God of heaven, who dwells inside of those who want Him and seek Him and have invited His Son, Jesus Christ into their hearts.

It’s time to “Bless God, America!”