Creating a “Culture of Life” to Fight Teen Suicide

Teens and young adults have been ignored by their parents.

Young teens may come home to an empty house because both parents work. After school, a youngster has too much freedom and no guidance at home when they need it most. They may watch television, the kind of programs and movies that contain sex, violence and filthy language. No one’s there to stop them. Some may not come home at all after school, and instead, go with their friends to play with the ouija board, or experiment with other forms of harmful games  produced to hurt them.

Young adults in the military face similar problems. The rigors of training and active duty, especially during actual fighting, can leave a young person riddled with questions. Death of comrades or of the enemy can leave these troops fearful. Creating a “culture of life” for military service men and women is crucial to maintaining unity and allegiance to the combat mission. Professional counselors available on an “as needed” basis, might quell the number of suicides among our service men and women.

One way parents can help create a “culture of life” is to find friends for their teens and young people that do have Christian parents at home after school. One set of parents can ask those parents if their son or daughter can go there until you get home. Work out a share plan so you can pay them back for their sacrifice of time and energy. Also search within your community for programs or centers that offer after school activities for young adults. Hopefully, your sons and daughters will be willing to participate in one. These programs may offer music, aerobics, gymnastics, or a variety of other helpful ways to keep your kids safe and busy till you get home.

Kids hate the messages they have heard about abortion, divorce and fathers abandoning their families.

This continual bombardment of bad news scares them! If they’re already part of a family that has experienced these actions, they are on the brink of fear for their lives. Our youth do not want to live in a “culture of death.” Even assisted-suicide is prevalent in some states. What is wrong with mature adults making laws that allow the legal death of innocent babies? Allow the death of a marriage through legal divorce? Promote the death of a family so a father can legally produce babies and then, just get up one day, and abandon that home? Even approve so-called doctors to kill their family’s loved ones simply because they don’t want to live anymore? Or that they have an illness that seems untreatable? We need to promote a “culture of life” in our homes and communities!

Where are the brave Christian men and women in government who will turn the tide of evil spreading through our land?

Leaders could rewrite the laws and put abortion to a stop! Rewrite the laws and make divorce illegal. Write a new law that rewards parents for being home when their kids come home from school! Brave Christian men and women in government could stop being shoved-around by evil-minded lawmakers and turn the tide back to civil laws that make sense. They could actually make America better by modeling this “culture of life” in government and in churches!

Our teens and twenty-somethings, both in civilian life and in the military, are at their wits end over where our nation is going!

Scared of families that are splitting-up. Sick of the crime. Tired of being the “parents” of their siblings when they get home from school. Our youth are retaliating by hurting themselves by cutting, playing dangerous games, joining gangs and even taking their own lives. Where are we promoting and modeling a “culture of life” for our teens and young adults?

It’s past time to stop this onslaught of Satan’s perpetuation of  fear, division, and the death of our own children and our precious families. Government and community leaders must do see what’s missing in their cities and create programs and centers that exemplify a “culture of life.” Sending a message to that city that we will not tolerate the spread of evil and crime can be done. Pastors, churchmen and women, and responsible parents, both married and single, must  cry out to God for His divine intervention. We must repent of our waywardness and begin to take our country and our children back! We can change the laws that are dividing us. We must change this culture of death into a “culture of life, hope, and truth,” based on biblical principles, and godly acts of love for our kids! The time is NOW!



Five Minutes To Vent Without Interruption Ticket – To Open Up Family Communication

In Dragon Riders of The Realm, James and Kevin are being bullied at school and around town. Something readers can do at home is to create a FMTVWI Ticket for all household members.

Basically, the ticket is Five Minutes To Vent Without Interruption. It’s a piece of paper (a ticket) you give to your parents or a brother or sister, and ask them to sit down somewhere private so you can have their undivided attention for five minutes without them interrupting you. It’s your opportunity to share a problem you have with them, or share a heartbreak, heartache, or moment of truth about something going on in your life.

If everyone in the family agrees to do this, it could open up communication between you and your family members. Some rules to follow would be: 1) Use it anytime as long as you are fair and civil about it. 2) No cussing or vulgar language allowed. 3) Respect the other person, but tell it like it is. 4) The other person is required to keep stuff confidential. Don’t go blabbing it to everyone. 5) You have five minutes to share what is on your mind and the other person has to be quiet and listen (no cellphone or texting during this time). 6) After five minutes, you can let the other person say something, or make them wait until a better time for you to hear them. It’s only fair. 7) Everyone gets five tickets each week. Use them all or save them for when you really need them.

Blog On!

Blogging, sharing the latest information about yourself, your events, your business in general is expected of bloggers. So, keep sharing. Blog on anything of interest that relates to your business products or personnel. Blog about Jesus, about your church, about your website, about your latest post. Go to the WordCamps in Denver this month. Learn and then blog on!

Finding your niche? Are you a writer. musician, singer, reader? Blog about your wish list. Blog about your goals. Blog about your frustrations. It’s ok to blog about your business and the struggles you face.

Recently, I wanted to change jobs. But when you are nearing retirement, you are choosing to step out of a great job (I am anyway) into something with less benefits. So, I have to pray about it, maybe fast a few meals, seek advice from godly people I know, and make a decision based on the pros and cons of changing jobs.

Blog on! I must keep a pace with my books and my writing. How are you doing with your business and daily challenges? Rest in the Lord. Read the book of Hebrews in the Holy Bible. Rest is a priority for blogging, for working, for improvement. Blog on and rest in the Lord.

National Holidays

National Holidays are reminders of those who have died in wartime, in training, or while on duty, in order to protect us and our freedoms. One way to celebrate their lives is to take one name from a graveyard headstone, from the Vietnam Wall, from Arlington Cemetery, or the like, try to look up some information about them, and then take that name with you on vacation, remembering that it was their sacrifice that provided the freedoms you enjoy today.

This is just a thought, a way of saying “Thank you!” to them and their family for making a way for you to be something, go somewhere, have a career, that may not have been possible had they never served.

I’ve written a song, “Bless God, America!” I hope you’ll take time to listen to it and believe our nation is truly blessed by God, and that He wants us to bless Him for all He has done for us.

God desires our repentance, unity, prayer, and worship. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and needs to be our focus in daily living. Let Him be your Savior and Friend; and the Holy Spirit your Guide and Counselor.

“Bless God, America!” is the way to bring revival to our nation, and holiness back to our churches. “Bless God, America!” is a way for America to set the example for other nations to follow!

“Bless God, America!” is saying to our neighbors, cities, states and nation that God is our center, our hope, our focus in life. He is our strength, our shield, our bulwark, our Helper. No nation should be without the Living God on their side! No nation should seek any other Face, than the Face of the Living God, the God of heaven, who dwells inside of those who want Him and seek Him and have invited His Son, Jesus Christ into their hearts.

It’s time to “Bless God, America!”

Encouragement For You!

I have been busy writing encouraging notes (encouragement for you) to my fellow toastmasters with Quail Lake Toastmaster’s Club in Colorado Springs. I want to share some with you.

I’ve also completed two major Bible Studies on Integrity for Men. While writing and studying God’s Word, I’ve booked my next signing for April 15, 2017 at the Barnes and Noble Booksellers at the Citadel Mall in Colorado Springs. Hope to see you there!

Here are a few excerpts from my writings:

Encouragement for You!

Emails I’ve written over the past few months


Have a wonderful, productive, positive week. If you get tangled-up in the details of life’s awkwardness, keep some O-Live Oil handy. Rub it all over your situation and see if you can’t slip out of the tangles of life. Keep your mind sharp so you can cut away any anxious thoughts that try to bind you up. Hopefully, if you feel any stress attaching itself to you, breathe deep and then blow it off! Kick back and while you’re kicking, kick that stress away through some exercises: de-stress!


You are valuable beyond price, diamonds-in-the-rough, unique and precious.


You will be blessed and be a blessing as you find other ways to share your life and your awesome creative energy and wisdom with others. Keep up your momentum and open yourself to the newness of God’s resourcefulness. You are a light and a voice and a presence He can use elsewhere and within your new sphere of influence.


Never stop dreaming! Never stop dreaming about your possibilities! Never stop long enough to stop too long. Never give up on your goals! Never let your feelings be your launching pad: let love for God, love for others, and love for yourself be your launching pad!


Because the launching pad burns up as you take off, you’ll have to dream up another way to land! So, dream big and broad and wide and high and deep and diagonally and create new ways to land that no one has ever dreamed!


You are amazing! You are the only one of you, so make your mark and make it count!


Remember, you only have today. Make today the best day of your life. Be productive, but also take time to relax and appreciate where you’ve been! Appreciate who you are and who God is and who your neighbor is. Reach out to someone today who may not be having such a great day. Buy a gift of sorts to give away to someone today. Just buy something at the dollar store or grocery store and plan ahead to give it to someone to bless them.


You are a gift. You are a sign of hope. You are a voice of peace. You are significant. You are loved by God. You are a blessing to someone everyday. You are a smile someone looks forward to seeing. You are related to others by blood, and by friendship. Be thankful. Be joyful. Be you.


What do you want for Christmas for others? I want the homeless to have a warm bed and shelter; I want the imprisoned to find peace with themselves and with God; I want the disappointed and distraught to know there’s hope and forgiveness, and direction through life’s hardships, to a better place; I want college students and business people to find our club and learn to communicate and lead better…





The Serenity Prayer as a Song

Within the last year I recorded another song from my books, from book 3, Uncharted Territory. It’s a familiar prayer entitled The Serenity Prayer, written by Reinhold Niebuhr. I’ve written music for it and sing it for you. I hope you’ll listen to it and become familiar with it as a song now, not only a prayer to be spoken.

Hang In There, Writer!

Are you new at writing? Hang in there! Have you given your audience something exciting to read and enjoy?  Hang in there! Maybe you’ve published a book or two and haven’t had much action or attentiveness to your book or website. It’s ok. Hang in there! Don’t get too upset if you haven’t made the bestseller list. Time and experience are the key ingredients to success. And keep writing! Hang in there!

Thanksgiving means being able to thank God and people and yourself for your initial investments in writing. My books have been out there for nearly four years. Bestsellers? Not by a long shot. But read and enjoyed by many of my audience and fans: yes! I’ve hung in there! And so should you!

I love my story about James and Kevin, Jessie and Christopher! It took three books to tell it and there’s still more to tell. But what I’ve shared so far is exhilarating and fun with lots of dialogue and challenges the kids face throughout their journeys together. I’m hanging in there! You should too!

Hang in there, dear writer! Hang on to your storyline and fill your story with lots of conflict, strong characters, and meaningful outcomes. Keep your point of view character always telling the story, always from his/her perspective, and growing personally.

Write well, finish well, and learn the craft of writing along the way. Read books, take classes, write what you love, and become a better writer each year you invest your deserving time into this art form. And by all means, hang in there! You will win if you hang in there till you reach the finish line of each project!


Putting Words on the Page to Write a Book – How I Did It

You Need a Method. Putting words on the page to write a book begins with choosing a method. is a great tool, program, and starting place for beginners. You are challenged to write every day for one month. You get coaching, mentoring, and even prizes at the end for reaching certain goals.

Another program is through, for Christian fiction writers. They offer a novel writing track and an editing track. You can write every day for a month and set your own goals, be hooked into critique groups, and take separate classes.

Start your novel at the beginning of a month of your choice. But don’t wait or put it off. Start in November by signing up now at one of these two websites. You’ll be glad you did!

I used the NaNoWriMo website four years ago and wrote three books! If you have a story inside of you begging to get onto paper, take the NaNoWriMo challenge. I wrote approximately 19,000 words in November, 2012. By December, I had approximately 27,000 words. By the end of January I had written 34,000 words. By the end of February I had nearly 42,000 words. By the end of March I had nearly 52,000 words. By the end of April I was counting up to 59,000 words. (All these are guess-ti-mates).181041__dragon-riders-of-the-realm-front-cover-682x1024

You May Need an Editor. I hired an editor from David C. Cook. She helped me with cohesiveness and content. She didn’t have time to correct all my grammar because I had a pending deadline. But she was excellent with what she pointed out regarding my overall storyline, that every scene had meaning and good transitions.

You Need a Publisher. I completed my novel in June and hired a self-publishing company, Xulon Press, out of Orlando, Florida. My first title came out in 2013, second in 2014, and third in 2016. I completed my trilogy and I am so proud of it. It’s entitled, Dragon Riders of The Realm. Self-publishers are not cheap. So, weigh the options compared to traditional publishers.

My publisher took care of the ISBN number, front and back cover art. I wrote the back copy for the back cover. I wrote the front pages: dedication, prologue; the back pages: author information, and bibliography. Xulon took care of the binding and typesetting. Xulon prints the books as needed, on demand. Xulon sells my books at a discount from their online bookstore. My books are returnable if the purchaser decides they do not like them. Xulon placed my books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple.

I am re-editing book one due to some grammatical errors. Mentally, this re-editing will take a load off my mind that has rested there for four years. I’ve also added a map of The Realm of Lasting. I hope new readers will enjoy my trilogy and old readers appreciate the fresh, new look. This second edition of book one should be available by the end of October, 2016.

Writing: Write and Get Professional Help!

Not everyone has a best seller to their name. That’s the truth about writing. But we keep  writing. Writing is either a gift that comes with your skill set or with a lot of hard, time-consuming effort. Either way, writing requires hard, time-consuming effort. You may know how to punctuate but need help with a coherent storyline. Or vice versa. No one knows everything, but everyone can write in a way that is readable and/or memorable.

My advice: join a writing club like Jerry Jenkins Writers Guild or American Christian Fiction Writers. Also, find and join a writers critique group in your community. Without the help of others who are in the professional writing industry, you won’t get the personal and skilled reviews of your writing necessary for publication.

You want to get your writing published. Don’t write and store your work in folders, in a file cabinet or on your computer, just to sit there forever.  Determine to get your work into the hands of professionals, of traditional publishers. I made the mistake of starting with a self-publishing company and have spent tons of money for very little return on investment. Self-publishing is your tenth best choice. Don’t start there!

Believe in yourself, your writing, and your money. You definitely want all three to be in the hands of those who care about you and not just your money! Do as I say: get into a critique group and start hearing and seeing what professionals look for in a good story. You may not like it at first, but over time you will gain valuable insights that could propel your writing to the next level. You may even make money on your writing. Would’t that be great? Yes.

More than the money, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve learned things about writing you can apply again and again to your next piece, and the next, and the next. Writing is a learning craft. Publishing is a learning craft. Pursue both. Be the Writer you were meant to be!



Experience and Contraband Writing

Writing is not the only thing writers do. We have hobbies such as astronomy, biking, hiking, birding, scrapbooking, selling products as representatives of small businesses, and the like. In many cases the other things that we do bring newness and freshness to our writing because life is full of experiences, and it is those experiences that give us ideas to make our writing stable, steady, and sound.

Stories for our books come out of stories in our lives. Tell your stories in non-fiction and wrap your stories with fantasy and engaging characters for fiction.

Write something everyday, even if it seems awkward or distant from whatever you’re working on at that moment in time. Writing off the top of your head is fun. Let your mind ponder a subject and write out of your gut rather than giving your opinion like you would in a group of friends.

Underground writing is writing that might be contraband to your friends and family, but it’s your true self speaking out, addressing issues and soapbox telling. This is what publishers are looking for – ideas that are fresh, challenging and point-blank.