Book Two

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Dragon Riders of The Realm Series now has two books with a third in the works. It is an ongoing story about James, Kevin, Jessie (Book One) and Christopher (Book Two). James creates his own computer game in order to escape the bullies in MIddle and High School. The ‘game’ becomes intense as the kids find themselves in it and among the creatures of The Realm. The Transcenders (guardian angels) take the kids back and forth between The Realm and their own world. Dealing with their bullies requires involvement rather than escape. They’re learning that the Christian life means applying the principles found in God’s Word. Avoiding people we don’t get along with is not an option.

The Realm is full of conflicts, adventures, decision-making, team work, planning and praying. The kids face every imaginable challenge along the way in both worlds.

Book Three is planned for release in September, 2014

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